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Swim Skills Questionnaire


CCI's Swim Skills Questionnaire is an important tool to help assess the swimming abilities and experiences of our students.
It is crucial that the questionnaire is answered honestly and 准确的ly, so that we can best protect each student's safety when participating in water activities, either at the beach, on boats and when signing up for advanced courses, such as scuba and sailing.
Please note that a CCI Swimming Waiver and Consent Form must be completed for each student. It will be sent to you via Docusign link.
Students may also be submitted to a swim test before being permitted to participate in certain water activities.
First 名字
I am completing this form for CCI's要求
Can you swim freestyle/front crawl/breaststroke for at least 50 meters (or the length of an Olympic-sized pool) without stopping?要求
Can you tread water for at least 1 minute?要求
Can you confidently dive into the deep end of a pool and swim to the other end without touching the bottom or sides of the pool?要求
Have you ever taken formal swimming lessons from a certified instructor, such as those offered by the YMCA, the Canadian Red Cross and/or city recreational programs?要求
Have you taken any lifeguard or pre-lifeguard courses, such as Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross or Lifeguard Certification? 要求
Do you know how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)?要求
Do you know how to perform a basic rescue technique, such as a reaching assist or throwing assist?要求
Have you ever participated in a swim meet or competition?要求
Have you ever had a near-drowning experience or been in a situation where you needed to be rescued from the water?要求
Do you know and understand the basic safety rules of swimming, such as never swimming alone and always obeying lifeguard instructions?要求
Do you have any medical conditions or physical limitations that may affect your ability to swim, such as an injury or epilepsy?要求
Do you feel comfortable swimming in open water, such as a lake or ocean?要求
Would you like to participate in the following activities during your time at CCI (full semester or full year students only). Check all that apply:
I hereby acknowledge that all the information provided in this form is true, 准确的, and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.要求
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format