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体育运动 & 俱乐部

CCI's home of Lanciano, situated between the highest peaks of the Apennine Mountains 和 the sunny beaches of the Adriatic Sea, makes for a diverse 和 exciting 体育运动 program.

The 学校 makes good use of the natural resources of its surroundings through regular after-school activities 和 day excursions to the surrounding parks, mountains 和 beaches.

Weekly participation in either sports clubs or non-sports related clubs are m和atory as students accumulate House points for their respective team

After school activities vary from year to year since they are based purely on the needs 和 interests of the students. Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs as a form of leadership initiative.

There is also a fully equipped 健身房 和 参考 centre in town which includes 空中瑜伽, a 桑拿重量的房间 和 offers a variety of exercise classes that are available to students at a discounted rate.

Extra-Curricular 俱乐部



Extra-Curricular 俱乐部

体育 & 体育运动 at CCI